10 Creative Ideas For A Research Paper On Lord Of The Flies Symbolism

Lord of the Flies is one of leading break through novels of the post-World War II era, possibly an account of Golding's harrowing experience of the war in a fictionalized world of his own. Redolent with Golding's literary acumen and use of symbolism, the novel, indeed is much more than a child's read.

Research ideas based on the symbolism of 'Lord of the Flies'

  1. Symbolism in the Title
  2. Beelzebub, the second to Satan in the hierarchy of Devils is also another name for the 'Lord of the flies'. Surely, the title beckons a deeper comprehension than just what meets the eyes.

  3. The Beast
  4. The beast symbolizes internal as well external darkness and maintains the undertone of murk that paints throughout the novel.

  5. The Island
  6. The marooned island represents the purity of the Garden of Eden. However, the advent of the boys pollutes the sanctity of the island, as did the advent of Satan and the eventual temptation of Eve and loss and innocence.

  7. The shape of the island
  8. The shape of the island has been described as 'boat shaped’, probably denoting a form of civilization.

  9. The backward flow of water
  10. The water, the author describes flows backward. Golding emphasizes on the dwarfing effect of the war on human civilization and how it inhibits its progression.

  11. The Plane Crash
  12. Staunchly against the idea of war and its crippling effect on the modern society, Golding, carefully, chooses a plane crash as the driving force to the entire plot to demonstrate how the society is slowly heading towards a downfall. 

  13. The Conch
  14. The conch, used by Ralph and Piggy to hold meetings, initially, symbolizes the assembly and law and order. It might also be an allusion to the Pandemonium in Milton's Paradise Lost. The destruction of the conch indicates towards the savage instincts within the inhabitants of the island. 

  15. The glasses
  16. Other than Jack, Piggy is the only person who is capable of acute judgement and an ability to foresee things vividly. The glasses symbolize a clear vision b towards everything, which, most of the characters’ lack.

  17. The Forest Scar
  18. Trails of 'scar' penetrating the forest shows the gashes of wounds that purity suffers due to the effects of disruption and corruption.

  19. Painted Faces
  20. Golding uses this unique metaphor of the mask to create an awareness regarding the forged appearance of every individual.

A text as dense and the 'Lord Of the Flies’, beckons in depth reading and proper analysis to do justice to the genius of the writer. The symbols of the jungle, the little and the big boys, huts and others are hidden between the lines and a perfect comprehension of them is necessary to analyze the impact of such a text. Happy reading or, rereading? 


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