Research Paper Essay Format: 10 Key Things To Keep In Mind

Writing a proper research paper is not an essay task and there are plenty of things you need to do to ensure that it is of acceptable quality. It is expected that you remain alert at all times and ensure that your content is of good quality. However, the format of your paper matters a lot too and you can get in serious trouble if you do not follow the guidelines specified by your instructor carefully. However, in case you wish to review some of the finer points, here are ten key things to remember at all times so that you can get a great and well-presented research paper.

Points to bear in mind

  1. Make sure you use a white A4 size sheet of paper. The quality of the paper needs to be good and it should not get smudged. This is why it is best to avoid erasable paper.
  2. Aside from the page numbers on each page, you must leave a margin of one inch on every page around your text. Every paragraph of your paper needs to be indented half an inch. If you include quotations, they must be indented an inch from the left margin.
  3. In terms of spacing, it is expected that your papee should be double-spaced, including notes, quotations and the list of cited works.
  4. Not every paper needs a title page. Instead, you can include your name, the name of your instructor, the course name and number, as well as the date on the top of the first page, near the left hand margin. Make sure that it is all double spaced and the title needs to be centred above your text. You should add double space again before you begin the text.
  5. When writing the heading, ensure that it is neither underlined or in all caps. You have to capitalize only the first, last and principal words of the heading. Headings can end with a question mark or an exclamation park if necessary but you can never include a period at the end.
  6. All of your pages throughout the manuscript must be numbered consecutively in the upper right-hand corner of every page. Your last name must be included before the page number.
  7. If you have any table, you should add labels with proper captions and an Arabic numeral.
  8. In case of any figures, you should also ensure proper captioning and numbering.
  9. When choosing a binder for your essay, you have to bear in mind that the simpler it is, the better.
  10. You can seek help from sample research papers available throughout the Internet if you get stuck on a particular point.

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