How To Write A Compelling Research Paper: 8 Hints You Should Not Miss

How do you score well in a research paper? Well, this is one of the questions that students ask often. The answers to the question are found in the following tips:

    Analyze and synthesize

    Do not be tempted to paraphrase all the materials that you find in different sources. The tutors will not only identify such papers, but they will also penalize you for a lack of originality. Read the sources, understand the information and come up with your unique standpoint on a topic.

  1. Be specific
  2. Whether you are choosing a topic or engaging in the actual writing, you must avoid generalizations and instead, be specific. You should, for instance, avoid using words such as people and individuals. Rather, identify people based on their professionals or other related terms- you can use words such as nurses, citizens, and patients. Still, as you choose a topic, you can avoid researching on general issues. For instance, instead of researching on Pain Management, you may opt to research on How to Manage Pain in Geriatric Hospitals.

  3. Start your paper well
  4. Your introduction will determine whether the audience will read your paper or not. Be sure to start your paper with attention-catching lines. You must also have a thesis statement so that the tutor will understand your point of view on a given matter.

  5. Go through the instructions many times
  6. Once you understand what your tutors are looking for, it is easy to conduct a research. Therefore, go through the instructions and seek for assistance so that you do not delve into unnecessary tasks or even forget some vital details.

  7. Citation is critical
  8. All the facts in your paper must be cited. Otherwise, you will be penalized for academic dishonesty. As such, find peer-reviewed sources and credible websites for the citation. Equally important, you must be in terms with different citation formats such as APA, MLA and Harvard.

  9. Follow the recommended structure
  10. Most of the research papers have an introduction, main body and a conclusion. You must follow such a structure to make your paper compelling.

  11. Your paper should have a flow
  12. Find a way to connect all the sentences so that the audience is compelled to finish reading a paper. Use connecting words and ensure that all the details in the sentences are relevant.

  13. Proofread your paper
  14. Grammatical and spelling mistakes in any paper indicate that a student did not have proper time management and as such, they rushed through the task. Ensure that all the mistakes are eliminated by allowing other individuals to go through your work.

Having followed the tips above, you will submit an A grade research paper.

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