Composing A Perfect Outline For Research Paper On Racism

Creating an outline is part of the planning process for any paper. It is recommended because it gives you an idea of what it will require to complete the paper. An outline helps you to identify the ideas and the supporting materials needed to write a convincing research paper on racism. By enumerating all ideas, you will identify those that are duplicated or the weak one for elimination. Consider the following tips when creating your outline for a paper on racism.

Brainstorm Freely

Initially, consider all ideas and points on racism. Write then down in no specific order. This helps to empty your head and avoid restrictive thinking where some points are blocked. During brainstorming, some will be duplicated. Others will be too weak to appear in your paper. Brainstorming is not the stage to make a decision on what goes into your paper and what does not. Let your mind to think freely.

Find Supporting Materials

Having listed the main ideas, identify subtopics or ideas to support your main point. This is the stage where you test the strength of a point to stand on its own. Find and indicate the ideas or points that fall under the main ones already listed. Indicate references that will be the source of new ideas. These references are tentative. Some may not be used while others may be added. Whichever the case, include these materials in the research paper outline.

Order and Edit the Points

Review the ideas or points already generated to identify those that can stand on their own, those to be merged and those to be discarded. Others may appear twice using different perspectives. Weak ones will be merged. This is the point where you establish whether you have materials to successfully complete the paper. In case the materials are not enough, go back to your books and make additions. Order the points in a way that makes your paper cohesive and easy to read.

It is Not Final

The outline acts as a guide in your writing process but must not be strictly followed. In the process of writing, you will come across new materials. These are the materials to be adapted in the final draft. The general framework is maintained but a few alterations are acceptable.

An outline for a research paper provides the model for your paper. It helps you to focus on particular areas in a structured manner. There is room for flexibility when working with an outline.

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