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How to Close Your Research Paper Effectively: Top 8 Suggestions

Here is what you start with

Restate your thesis

It’s necessary to restate your key point in the conclusion. You may write it in two sentences instead of one for impact. This simple stylistic trick helps you emphasize every aspect of your thesis.

Close with logic.

If you focus on multiple sides of a problem in your assignment, it’s a good idea to close your paper with a logical opinion formed by the evidence provided in the main sections. Take your time to select the most important aspects and write about them in a concise manner. Also you can buy college papers for sale here.

Answer questions

Answer the “So what?” and “Why should others care?” questions. If your conclusion seems boring and too formal, ask yourself these two questions whenever you make a point and write comprehensive answers. Then, incorporate them in your final paragraphs.

Include a brave idea.

To draw the attention of the audience to your work, add a provocative quotation or insight from the literature you’ve studied. However, remember that your paper is a formal assignment, so select a proper statement carefully and cite it in a proper format.

Create a full circle.

This strategy is very popular because it helps the reader return to the ideas in the introduction. You need to use the parallel concepts and keywords provided in the opening part of your research paper. Writing term papers isn“t an easy task. However, you can find help.


Synthesize instead of making a summary. You shouldn’t repeat or briefly list your main points. Instead, pull everything together to show the readers how your thesis statement, supportive claims, and evidence fit together and make a difference.

Suggest implications

Suggest the potential implications of your results. You may propose a course of action, questions for further investigation, or a solution to an issue. Thus, you redirect the thinking process of your readers and help them use your ideas to their benefit. Choosing the right paper writing service is your first step to academic success.

Provide hypothesis

Indicate whether you still believe in your initial hypothesis. If you provide a study hypothesis in your work, you should restate it in the conclusion and tell the readers whether you have proven this claim to be valid or the research has shown its inconsistency. Include some ideas on how to shed more light on the topic at hand.

8 Excellent Ideas on How to Conclude Your Research Paper

A research paper significantly influences your grade, so it’s important to compose a high-quality piece of writing to impress your professor. In academic writing, you need to show the readers the value of your well-answered study question or fully developed argument. Thus, make your last words count and develop a conclusion that elaborates the significance of your findings, broadens the topic, and propels your audience to a new view of the subject.

How to Strengthen Your Conclusion: Important Don’ts

  • Don’t change the tone of your work.
  • You are required to use an academic tone the entire way through. Make sure to avoid sentimental or emotional appeals. You shouldn’t indicate that the topic under study is of personal significance for you. Just check out samples of paper writers online.

  • Don’t say something like “in conclusion.”
  • Strong finishing paragraphs shouldn’t be labeled as such. A conclusion section should summarize your findings and stand on its own. Thus, avoid the following overused phrases: to sum up, in summary, in closing, in the end, finally, as last, etc.

  • Don’t save significant information until the conclusion.
  • Everything important should be presented in the main sections of the paper. In the conclusion, you should leave out new subtopics, evidence, and statistics and analyze the topic from a more general point of view.

  • Don’t make apologies.
  • You shouldn’t make any claims that weaken your writing and also avoid including sentences written in the first person. Apologetic statements downplay your authority and make the readers consider you as an incompetent person.