5 Powerful Ideas For Writing A Research Paper About Pros Of Abortion

Abortion is one of the most widely discussed and hotly disputed topics when it comes to religion and politics, especially in the United States. In fact, it is often one of the central points of debate when it comes to political campaigns – from minor local and state elections right up to the race for the White House.

With such a widely discussed topic, it’s not too difficult to find arguments either for or against the idea of abortion. Ultimately, the main arguments for allowing abortion revolve around the fact that it should be the mother’s choice to choose what happens with her body, whilst arguments against it focus on what they seen as the taking of a human life, as well as the various religious reasons that might not allow abortion. Of course, you may wish to focus directly on these issues; however, there are plenty of other angles that you may wish to discuss when writing a research paper about the pros and/or cons of abortion. For example, the following list of suggestions outline five powerful ideas that attempt to argue the benefits (either to the individual or to society) that may be realised in the event of an abortion.

  1. Allowing young mothers to carry out abortions for unwanted pregnancies helps to reduce the cost and burden to society associated with raising and educating young people
  2. Is it true that relaxing abortion laws in areas where crime rates and instances of teenage and unwanted pregnancies might be high might lead to a reduction in crime rates in subsequent years as it reduces the likelihood of individuals growing up in unsavoury conditions, which ultimately lead to crime?
  3. Allowing women to have abortions due to conceiving as a result of a rape avoids the possibility of them resenting the child, and allows them to recover from any ordeal more easily
  4. Allowing abortions for individuals who are born severely disabled – especially those who are expected to have relatively short lifespans – helps to minimise the cost of healthcare and treatments during the life of that individual, which can then be invested in other areas of the healthcare system
  5. Removing restrictions associated with abortion can help to reduce excessive population growth whilst ensuring that would-be-teenage mothers can focus on developing at a young age, rather than being forced into adulthood too early

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