15 Possible Research Paper Topics Related To Malaria

As one of the most wide-spread diseases in the tropical and subtropical regions, as well as one of the most economically devastating, malaria has always been a hot topic of investigation. Here are a few suggestions that will help you get started writing college papers:

A) Medical studies

  1. Vaccination and immunization
  2. No foolproof vaccine exists for malaria, despite arduous studies in this direction. There are, however, some medications that prevent it.

  3. Treating malaria
  4. Drugs such as mefloquine and quinine have been known to cure malaria. There is still room to focus on their efficacy and on the effects that different drug combinations have.

  5. Drug resistance
  6. As with most diseases, drug resistance is an important issue in the treatment of malaria.

  7. Prevention
  8. From draining waters to spraying insecticide, there’s no shortage of available prevention methods. A possible research paper might compare the efficacy of these methods.

  9. Diagnosis
  10. While it is important that malaria be diagnosed on time, over-diagnosis is a problem. This area offers plenty of possibilities of study.

  11. Interaction with other conditions
  12. This is a fruitful topic, especially if you consider the clinical history of the people infected.

    B) Social studies

  13. Distribution
  14. Where is malaria more common, and where not? While the general area is still the same, there are interesting year to year variations.

  15. Culture-specific treatment methods
  16. Many cultures use traditional healing methods. This topic is worth looking into, as it can turn into a trans-disciplinary effort.

  17. Malaria education
  18. The areas of high malaria incidence are popular tourist destinations. However, many tourists are still not well-informed about this disease and its prevention.

  19. Anti-malaria campaigns
  20. There are many expensive anti-malaria campaigns, but are they effective?

    C) Economic studies

  21. Socio-economic factors
  22. Malaria has been commonly associated with poverty; however, there is more than just one socio-economic cause leading to high malaria incidence.

  23. Economic consequences
  24. There is no denying that high incidences of malaria affect economic development, but what are the exact consequences?

  25. Cost-efficient treatments
  26. Some treatments are more expensive than others, but are they better? Study efforts in this area might yield very useful results.

  27. Control costs
  28. Which control methods are the most cost-effective, and what is the correlation between their cost and their efficacy?

  29. Research costs
  30. An interesting topic of investigation is the actual research cost: how much do malaria studies cost, on average? Is there a correlation between the amount of money spent and the impact of the study?


Malaria is one of the richest investigation topics, and it can be approached from a variety of angles. We hope the ideas above will help you choose the right topic for your paper.

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