How To Make A Strong Research Paper Outline On Gay Adoption?

Research is the main driving force behind academic progress and many people aspire to join the field when they grow up. On the quest to find meaning in one’s life, what greater way to do this than to contribute, however small, to man’s never ending journey through the mysteries of our existence? Indeed, research papers can open doors into new worlds, if done right, of course.

The issue of homosexuality, gay marriage and all other related topics have long stopped being a real issue in most of the developed world. In many states, it is now possible for homosexuals to get married, live together and adopt children, though the latter point may be more gray than most others. As a researcher tackling this tricky topic, feel free to consider the following, simple outline I have provided:

  1. A specific angle
  2. There are many potential issues surrounding this activity and many of them, society is yet to discover. For this reason, you should be able to find various ways of approaching the subject, each with a unique angle that requires more investigation. Select an angle that seems important and practical to work on.

  3. Hypothesis
  4. It is necessary to make educated guesses at any subject you may be writing on, and these guesses will go on the guide your study. As you think about your chosen topic, try to make assumptions that can lead to practical experiments that can be carried out by yourself.

  5. The issue
  6. Many people may be uncertain about the real issues surrounding gay adoption, if there are any at all. This can be quite troublesome since it is common for society to take the position that an understanding of the topic is assumed, therefore there is no question as to what the judgment should be.

  7. Resistance
  8. Identify the parties that are against the idea and attempt to understand their reason for taking their stance. Most often, you will encounter religious based reasons and these are fairly understood, for the most part. Your goal should be to find empirical evidence for the resistance to gay adoptions, this will provide you with more clear reasons.

  9. Resolution
  10. Are there any ways to come to a resolution on this subject, where everyone can be happy? It may be helpful to explore communities that have gotten past this issue and try to understand how they managed to do this.

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